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Revolution Watch: Keep your eyes on Yemen

March 24, 2011

Libya may be leading the news, but Americans have good reason to keep informed on Yemen. Why are they revolting in Yemen? Well, Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh has had only about 38 years to turn Yemen around but it looks like it just wasn’t enough time for him to get the knack of...
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NATO: Adding Insult to Killing

March 3, 2011

The news blurb from the Associated Press reads: “KABUL, Afghanistan — NATO’s top commander in Afghanistan apologized Wednesday for the accidental killing of nine Afghan boys and ordered attack helicopter crews to be briefed again on his directive for preventing civilian deaths.” My first observation is a rhetorical question: Is there anything in this...
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Exhibit: American Jewish involvement in WW2

February 28, 2011

The Museum of Jewish Heritage has curated a traveling exhibit which depicts the involvement of American Jews in World War II.  The exhibit is on view at The National WWII Museum (New Orleans, LA) from November 11, 2010 – May 8, 2011 and will be at the Holocaust Museum Houston (Houston, TX) from July 15, 2011 –...
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Masters of War

February 22, 2011

Bob Dylan’s  “Masters of War” released in 1963 on his Freewheelin’ album seems to be the perfect inaugural post for this new Category called “Hate & War”.  Performed on this video by The Staple Singers.  I included the first 2 verses and the last one in order to clear any ambiguity that might come...
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